How's Your F&B's Online Health?

Just like your health, it's always good get a periodic health check-up of your digital assets and online status. All you have to do is to fill up the form and we'll do the rest!

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Digital & Online Health Audit

An audit of your online assets and Digital Marketing health is a great way to find out how well you are doing on the internet and social media. We get into details of your website, your SEO and your Social Media status.

Website Health

While your F&B's website may look really cool, is it really performing well? Is it fast enough? Is it search-engine friendly? Does it tell your F&B's story? Is it dynamic? Is the user-interface great?

Our experts will find out all these answers for you and advice on which steps to take to further improve on your website.

Social Media Health

You know that Social Media plays an important role to propel your business. But, do you know if you are restaurant or eatery is represented on the right platforms? Do you know if you have enough followers, if there is enough engagement on Social Media?

We run through your Social Media assets and do a thorough check-up and give you our recommendations